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        Product and Service

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        Custom Processing Service

        Fuxin F-Block--Your custom processing partner

        Fuxin F-Block provides customized synthesis and commissioning services for pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates and other specialty chemicals worldwide. With rich experience from laboratory to commercialization, Fuxin FuLongBao is a reliable outsourcing partner for customers.

        We provide
        Respond quickly to your needs
        Process development and commercialization
        Continuous improvement of research and development, production, analysis and testing, save all costs for customers
        Increase your global influence

        We insist on timeliness, efficiency, transparency and confidentiality at every stage of the custom process, which are the foundation of a trustworthy relationship with our customers.

        Contact us

        Address: No. 6, Anping Road, fluorine chemical industry park, yimotu Town, Fumeng County, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province(the first one in the park)
        Contact: Mr. Zheng


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