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        Sustainable Management

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        ESH Management System

        The construction of ESH management system is the basis of the whole ESH management, and also the prerequisite to ensure safe and environmental production. In terms of occupational health management, FuLongBao firstly pays attention to personal training, inviting safety experts into the factory every week to train employees, so that the personal protection awareness of new and old employees is constantly strengthened; Secondly, occupational health examination and other measures are carried out on schedule to effectively protect the health of employees; In addition, environmental protection actively reduce environmental pollution, do a good job of enterprise environmental protection. In terms of safety management, EHS department carries out safety awareness training, safety theme special training, hazardous chemicals use training, fire extinguisher and hydrant use and maintenance training every year, which improves ESH and fire safety awareness of all employees and builds a capable and qualified team.

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        Address: No. 6, Anping Road, fluorine chemical industry park, yimotu Town, Fumeng County, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province(the first one in the park)
        Contact: Mr. Zheng


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